Almost Had You

“Are you happy?”, he asked holding her hand. “We’re here again… together”

She nodded yes and kissed his hand that was holding hers.

He smiled and they stayed in that position, in that moment — for almost an hour.

“We can go back here in some other time”, she suggested.

He didn’t say anything — not atleast a word.

“I don’t want this to end… I mean, us. I don’t wanna lose you again”, she added.

Before he can actually speak, they heard a voice from afar “Oh! There you are guys…”, the girl’s voice was cheerful that made him nervous inside.

He removed his hand away from her — removing also the feelings they’ve had for that very moment.

“We will do this again tomorrow, right?”, she didn’t let him go — she’s afraid to let him go, again.

“Tomorrow?”, he whispered — unsure. “My girlfriend had a plan for us tomorrow… sorry”

He was almost got caught by his lover.

She almost had him as her lover.


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